Thomas Carmody Christmas Schools Scholarships and Santa’s Heart Are Open

The Thomas Carmody Christmas Performer School Scholarship applications are open 1/1/2023 –  3/31/2023 with an increased number of scholarships funded up to $250. Recipients will be announced prior to 4/30/2023.

The Santa’s Heart Committee is being reformed and the program is re-established. Apply for Santa’s Heart with your charitable activities  1/2/2023 – 3/31/2023. Honorees will be announced by 4/15/2023 and 2022 Santa’s Heart Program participation pins will be sent before the end of April 2023.

Join us in celebrating what we pray will be our collective best year ever. 2023 promises to be full of challenges, but our rewards should be commensurate with our efforts, and camaraderie within the Christmas Community will flourish through our endeavors.