2021 Spring Newsletter Cover


Enjoy our Spring Edition with information about the Santa School Scholarship recipients, updates on the ISC-2022 in Atlanta, the results of the membership survey conducted earlier this year, and a fond farewell and tribute to Ron Robertson, one of the founders of IBRBS. As always, lots of information about local chapter activities and some thought…

Winter 2021 Christmas Connections

The latest edition of IBRBS Christmas Connections is now available. Enjoy our Winter edition where you can meet the IBRBS Board Candidates, read letters and reports from your Board, see how members reimagined the 2020 Christmas experience by helping homeless children, having virtual visits, and so much more! Read Christmas Connections now!

2020 Spring Issue of Christmas Connections

The 2020 Spring Issue of Christmas Connections, the official Newsletter for IBRBS, is now available for reading/downloading. There are 34 pages to read and savor. We know you will enjoy the contributions, photos, and stories from your fellow Christmas performers, and to see who the team selected as the Cover photo. We also thank our…

2019 Spring News Letter

Our Spring Newsletter can be downloaded or read online. Fantastic pictures and stories of local members, chapters and events. The source of information for the entire Christmas community.