IBRBS announces the ISC2024 Memphis

Friday night, April 29, 2022, at the ISC2022 Atlanta, we announced that we are bringing the Christmas Community to Memphis, TN. The ISC2024 Committee and its host organization, IBRBS, have selected Memphis as the place to be for the ISC2024.  While we are finalizing plans, this event will be held from April 25 to April 28, 2024, and include a Christmas Performer Parade down historic Beale Street, evenings of exciting entertainment, and a fund-raising effort in support of Memphis’ own St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. We will be staying at the downtown Sheraton Hotel with a special mezzanine air bridge over Main Street, allowing easy access to and from the newly renovate ($220M+) Renasant Convention Center. We have plenty of space for ADA aisles and tables for 10 seating only 8 people, and both Sponsors and Vendors will be in abundance, comfortably housed in spacious and convenient quarters. Finally, with a facility with over 42 breakout rooms, configuring adequate spaces for our concurrent workshops will be a breeze. We should comfortably house, feed, and entertain at up to 1200 attendees, and the facilities can easily handle more.

Starting now, you can make a $50 deposit per person guarantee to secure your reservation right to purchase a ticket to the ISC2024 Memphis event. Stick with us and your $50 deposit is good for a $70 value coupon discount on the full price of the event, but change your mind when the event goes live and you can receive a full refund (less our incurred PayPal or processing fees.)

Preregister now, like nearly 200 people have already done during the first two months.