IBRBS – The World’s Largest Organization of Professional Christmas Performers, including Real Bearded Santas, Mrs Clauses, supporting spouses, and Associate members.

Please complete and submit this form to apply for membership in IBRBS. Full membership may be available to verifiable Real Bearded Santa Clauses and Mrs Clauses (whether performing individually or as an assistant to Santa), and to Spouses of a Full Member Santa or Mrs Claus. Submitted applications will be reviewed by our membership team and your application will be either be approved within a few days, or you will receive a notice as to the reason for the declination and a refund. IBRBS is an all-volunteer organization, so please be patient.

Associate Membership may be available to all verifiable Christmas Performers and includes DBS/TBS Santas, spouses thereof (although those that perform as Mrs Claus may apply for full membership), elves, reindeer handlers, and similarly involved individuals who perform within the Christmas Community. Associate members may participate as volunteers on most IBRBS committees. Those individuals who are eligible for full membership in IBRBS may not apply to be an Associate member. Associates pay significantly reduced annual dues, but some rights and privileges are limited and Associates have no voting rights for Board members or Bylaws changes. Associate members can apply for individual entertainer’s liability insurance and a thorough background check, the latter at a discounted price.

Membership Registration
Please note when renewing you cannot change your membership type. To change your type please contact us at membership@ibrbs.org.
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Our membership application requires submission of a profile photograph. If you are a Christmas Performer, please submit an in-character, headshot-style (upper torso and head) photo of you, by yourself. All other applicants must upload a personal profile photo in JPG or PNG format that is in good resolution and forward-facing. Our software will resize a photo, but try to have your face as near the center of the picture as possible.
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